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As a young father, watching his daughter go through her life experiences, film director Alexandre Mourot discovered the Montessori approach and decided to set his camera up in a children’s house (3 to 6 years of age) in the oldest Montessori school in France. Alexandre was warmly welcomed in a surprisingly calm and peaceful environment, filled with flowers, fruits and Montessori materials. He met happy children, who were free to move about, working alone or in small groups. The teacher remained very discreet. Some children were reading, others were making bread, doing division, laughing or sleeping.

The children guided the film director throughout the whole school year, helping him to understand the magic of their autonomy and self-esteem – the seeds of a new society of peace and freedom, which Maria Montessori dedicated her life work to.

DURATION: 100 minutes
AUDIO LANGUAGE: English (voice over) – French (children & teachers)
SUBTITLES: English (children & teachers)
PURCHASE RIGHTS: Stream instantly
FORMAT DRM: encrypted streaming online video with watermarking
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STUDIO: Dans le sens de la vie

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  1. Daniela Tamayo Ray (verified owner)

    Amazing documentary. It really shows you what happens in a Montessori environment. It’s remarkable to see how kids thrive when given the opportunity. It’s one thing to read about the theory but another to watch them interact and go about their work with such concentration, pride and collaboration. It was so great to have the opportunity to watch the magic of this philosophy. The more we understand about this method of education and philosophy, the more people will talk about it and the movement will grow therefor our kids and their future will be who really benefits from it.

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