Educational license


This license is for educational organizations and it allows you to make the film available to students, staff and faculty members for the purposes of research, education, and any other non-commercial use.

Digital delivery will be made within approximately 6 days. For BluRay deliveries please allow up to 3 weeks.

The acquisition of an educational license allows the purchaser the right to screen this film with staff or children inside the school or training center as many times as they like for perpetuity.

This internal use allows current students, faculty, members or staff to:

  • View Let the child be the guide “face-to-face,” in a classroom. A teacher or instructor is present, engaged in face-to-face teaching activities.
  • View Let the child be the guide in a noncommercial fashion, for the purposes of research and education.
  • Access Let the child be the guide from your library
  • For the length of the license period

The institution must be an accredited, profit or nonprofit educational institution.

This license covers classroom/student/staff use, but does not cover public screenings even for parents. This license does not allow you to charge admission, or sublicense, digitize or duplicate the film.

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