Back-to-school time

Thursday was both back-to-school time in Christian Marechal’s classroom and back-to-shooting-time for my Montessori education documentary.

At 8.30 am, four out of ten new children were crying. One of them was clinging round his mother’s neck as hard as he could. I found it very difficult to observe those painful separations…
At 8.50am, silence reigned ! More than 20 kids were working. Christian had already explained to the children the appropriate way to walk in a classroom.
At 9am, a 3 year-old girl took out a first color material box that Christian presented her, as well as the second box.

Christian trusts the children themselves but also his classroom environment:
the arrangement, the beauty, the material attractiveness and of course the older children’s exemplarity.

The day after a child asked: can you make me a presentation of a hug ?



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