Show how to carry a chair

The derushing (viewing all that has been shot) is done and the editing is starting for real this week. Here is a third extract called “Show how to carry a chair”.

First extract of a sequence-shot

We started last week the editing of “The Child is the guide” movie. The first step is about derushing (viewing all that has been shot). We’re sharing now an extract of a sequence-shot of april’15. 8:30 in the class-room, half of the children have arrived yet…

The movie trailer coming in a few days

After much hard work, I am going to broadcast the movie trailer and also launch an extensive fundraising to finance the end of production of my own movie. Thank you to all my friends for their huge help and to the 28 children’s parents for their trust.  

Back-to-school time

Thursday was both back-to-school time in Christian Marechal’s classroom and back-to-shooting-time for my Montessori education documentary. At 8.30 am, four out of ten new children were crying. One of them was clinging round his mother’s neck as hard as he could. I found it very difficult to observe those painful separations… At 8.50am, silence reigned ! …

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The shooting has started !

The shooting of the Montessori education documentary has started in March, inside Christian Marechal’s primary classroom at Jeanne D’Arc private school in Roubaix. What a joy to see so much happiness, autonomy and cooperation, freedom, self-discipline, concentration, will…